Bike circuits in the Vésubie valley

Some ideas for cycling routes starting from Saint-Martin Vésubie. This list being non-exhaustive, we encourage you to also discover for yourselves the little corners of Vésubie which are not mentioned here! In the rental price are included: a helmet, a map and a backpack with a bottle of water per bike.

Download KOMMOT app and connect you so that the map becomes interactive !

Tour n°1 : Saint-Martin Vésubie - La Colmiane (full-day) (to the Colmiane Peak) (longer because of the downhill to resort center)

Kilomèters : 30

Elevation gain + : 1050 m

Difficulty : Intermediate level


Circuit n°3 : La Bollène Vésubie - Turini

Climb the legendary Col de Turini !

Kilomèters : 24,2

Elevation gain + : 990 m

Difficulty : Intermediate level +

Tour n°2 : Saint-Martin Vésubie - Berthemont path (half-day)

Kilometers : 26

Elevator gain : 200m

Difficulty : Easy level


Tour n°4 : Saint-Martin Vesubie - La Madone des Fenestre (close)

Kilometers : 30

Elevator gain + : 960 m

Difficulty : Intermediate level +